The Atlas Vertebrae

The Atlas Vertebrae

The Atlas Vertebrae is the most important bone in your body.

The Atlas Vertebrae

The Atlas Vertebrae

Where is the Atlas Vertebrae?

The Atlas sits atop the spinal column and along with the Axis bone supports the head and permits a greater range of movement of the head. It is named after the God Atlas.
The brain stem extends into this portion of the spinal column. Also, it contains the attachment points for the upper cervical spine to the skull.

Atlas Vertebrae Imbalance And Dowager’s Hump

Yes! Dowager’s Hump is NOT inevitable and can be easily corrected! It may begin with Atlas imbalance.

Atlas Vertebrae Strength

The head is about the size and weight of a bowling ball. In addition to this, it is stabilized by many muscles and tendons. This is quite a task for the small Atlas joint.

Powerful but delicate atlas

Head sits upon the Atlas

Atlas Vertebrae Support

The Axis and the next four cervical vertebrae keep the Atlas bones in a viable position and this lets the head move freely. These five are the very important neck bones that are vital to your health and vitality.

Head Stabilized On The Atlas

The head is located in a gravity neutral position by the neck ligaments, as well as an array of head and shoulder muscles. These muscles and ligaments work like guidelines. In addition, they keep the head where it needs to be.

Keep The Atlas Vertebrae Healthy

Keep this vital vertebrae healthy. Follow good posture practices. Also, avoid slouching or improper bending of the neck.

  1. We need to keep a relaxed neck.
  2. Practice good posture to keep our heads in a gravity-neutral position.
  3. Exercise our neck ligaments and muscles.
  4. Also, avoid long hours of static head position.
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