Healthy Neck Posture Muscles Connected To Skull Natural Position

healthy neck posture

Obtain Healthy Neck Posture. Train the muscles in your neck connected to your skull. Practice by focusing on your sitting position for a few minutes each day. Also, align your viewpoint by looking to the horizon or a level plane of view.

Bad neck posture often is the cause of Dowager’s Hump. However, healthy neck posture can prevent Dowager’s hump. Exercise the muscles connected to your skull to train your posture.

Correct Dowager’s Hump

We can correct Dowager’s hump by practicing good posture. Avoid neck tension by working with a relaxed neck. Align your head, neck and body. In this way, you are more relaxed. Proper positioning of your work station plays a key role.

dowagers hump

What is a healthy neck posture?

For a healthy neck posture, practice a military bearing, with muscles relaxed and chin slightly tucked in. While sitting, support arms and relax shoulders. Also, avoid holding one position for an extended period of time.
healthy neck posture

Muscles Connected to the Skull

The muscles connected to the skull should not be strained. Headaches are often caused by muscle tension. The head is balanced on the Atlas vertebra, and it is continually maintained by the subconscious mind. The atlas vertebra works like a pivot point to align your upper body.

muscles connected to skull

What is the natural position of the head and eyes?

An erect relaxed position is the healthiest for your neck. Also, you should avoid any position that will imbalance your head. The natural position of the eyes is the horizon. So, keep your head and eyes moving to avoid fatigue.
natural position for head and eyes

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