Kirk Douglas 103 Going Strong |Healthy Happy | How Does He Do It?

Kirk Douglas 103 Going Strong Healthy Happy

Kirk Douglas has Enjoyed Health and Happiness Through Healthy Living

Longevity Depends on Healthy Living
Healthy Living and Essential Nutrients for Longevity

We need about 90 essential nutrients for health and longevity. This includes iron, silver, gold, magnesium, salt, and iodine. We must have these for a healthy mind and body. We also need a wide array of vitamins, and energy food to fuel our bodies. I followed the same lifestyle, and I am a Healthy Old Guru at 83.Kirk Douglas 103 Going Strong |Healthy Happy | How Does He Do It?

Our Basic Foods Contain the Nutrients We Need to Stay Healthy

  • We are responsible for maintaining a nutritious diet—and healthy lifestyle.
  • Health, happiness and longevity can be enhanced by paying attention to our food.
  • The Foods we need to build strong bodies are available in our local supermarkets.
  • We can obtain many of the necessary minerals from groundwater (Spring, well, or river water).

Kirk Douglas son Michael lives a Gluten Free Lifestyle

After some serious illness , (at70) Michael is now healthier than most younger people. Michael said: “I’m great. Five years clean and trying [these new diets], something called gluten-free and I must give it high recommendations for you out there.”

We Can Maintain a Healthy Strong Body and Mind by Our Choice of Food

At 83-and Healthy as an Old Horse … Healthy Old Guru
We can make the first big step to health and happiness by paying attention to the nutrient dense food we include in our meals. I like to keep nutrient dense food in my breakfasts; red meat, green vegetables, raw sauerkraut, good cheese, especially Limburger, and nuts. I avoid potatoes, breads, pancakes, waffles and all “party foods” like sweet drinks, cookies and fruits.

Trying to Follow a Balanced Diet Can Become Overwhelming

By just being mindful of a healthy diet full of Nutrient-dense foods can really help—and it’ easily done.   We can begin by eating a wide variety of brightly colored unprocessed foods. My best thinking is to avoid processed foods and go easy on starches and fruits. Although potatoes, carrots, cereal grains are widely proclaimed as healthy foods—I avoid them. Fruit contains too much sugar, and digest too quickly for me

We Need Eleven Essential Nutrients to Maintain a Healthy Body

Our basic foods are the foundation for longevity

Getting these Essential Nutrients is not to difficult. But—we must pay attention to our diets. There is a huge spectrum of fatty acids, amino acids, trace elements and things that we are barely aware of. There are thousands of them. These are all in the basic foods that we should eat.

However, getting all the nutrients you need doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, by just being mindful about a few specific nutrients, eating a healthy diet full of nutrient-dense foods can be pretty simple.

Health, happiness and longevity are enhanced by paying attention to our food.

When we select nutrient dense food to fuel our engines, we make our body and brain happy. Good basic foods will help avoid the extra fat around our midsections and neck-face area. A fat neck and face are often overlooked when we consider over-all body health. Extra weight in that area keeps the head from moving as it should because our brains are powered by impulses and blood flow through the neck.

We Shouldn’t Confuse Nutrient Dense Foods with Calorie Dense Foods

Foods that people like Joe Louis, Charles Atlas Jack LaLanne and Thomas Edison ate were delicious but not high in calories. These people knew that nutrient dense food is necessary to power those classy bodies and mighty brains. The old-time Mountain man ate the Grizzly bears and they got powered to conquer their world.

Thomas Edison, the Wizard of Menlo Park, said “We Won’t Need Doctors in the Future.”

The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Truly this is one of my very favorite interviews with Kirk Douglas. Would it not be this nice to live this long and have such a loving lasting bond with your family?

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