Eat Liver and Onions for A Body of Steel

Coal Minors need energy

Eat Liver and Onions for A Body of Steel

Liver and Onions is One Powerful Meal 

When my brother was dying from cancer the nurse said “Feed him Chicken Liver and Onions Liver is the most nutritional food available.” Liver is also easy on the budget. It is more nutritious than steak and much cheaper.

Pound for pound, liver and onions is one of the most powerful meals available to us. This is an especially delightful meal for athletes, hard workers military and other people who depend on well-spaced meals.

This powerhouse of nutrients contains many vitamins and trace elements like copper, iron, chromium, phosphorous and selenium. These nutrients and will carry you through many hours of rigorous activity.

An Old Time Meal for Bodies of Steel

Liver and onions is a traditional meal that will help build the muscles, brains, bones and stamina we need to survive in this challenging world. This is a slow to digest meal that will not leave you hungry after a short period. These complex carbohydrates will feed your body for many hours.

No sugar-high in this Food for Bodies of Steel

Liver and onions—combined with the other basic ingredients will power you through the day. Your body will have plenty of basic nutrients to store for long hours of use.


  • Liver—whatever kind is available.
  • Onions—I am in favor of the powerful kind like yellow or red—the kind that make your eyes water.
  • Extra virgin olive oil—none of the vegetable, corn oil, canola, peanut oil or other concoctions.

Salt, pepper and other spices that you may like.


I like to use an Electrified Skillet—it is more forgiving

  • Prepare the liver as you like. I take out the tough parts and cut the liver into bite sized pieces.
  • Add the salt, pepper and other seasonings at this time—directly to the liver.
  • Cut the onions and partially fry them first, at about 3000. Remove and set aside.
  • Reheat the skillet to 400 Put in the liver and carefully fry about 3 to 5 minutes one side. Turn it over and do the same on that side.
  • Now add the onions back in and cook 3 to 5 minutes.

Don’t over-cook this delicious meal—it will get tough and taste like sawdust.

Make this into a Low Carb, Energy Abundant Meal—for Bodies of Steel

Eat slowly and enjoy this basic food. Add other enticements like raw sauerkraut, pickles, green beans and bell peppers. Oh yea! Don’t forget the garlic, hot peppers and Limburg Cheese. Save the corn and potatoes for fattening the pigs

Give Your Body and Mind a Good Meal—for a body of steel


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