The experts are wrong about how much salt I Need to eat every day. My body keeps the salt level at about the same saltiness as the salty sea. If I don’t get enough salt in my diet my body will retain water to help keep the level where it wants it to be. If I eat too much salt it will dump it out with my urine. A farmer sees this with his cows, pigs and horses.

Salt for health

  • My 50 to 100 to 100 trillion cells are like tiny car batteries that run on salt and water.
  • I have about 600 miles of nerves in my body that function on electricity.
  • My 46 miles of nerves need salt for the electrical current that tells my muscles how and when to move or relax.
  • The 600 muscles in my body depend on the electrical messages.
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I depend mostly on Dr. James DiNicolantonio: The Salt Fix, for information on salt and our needs for ir. His book is a good source of information for us who are struggling to stay healthy in this thrilling world. I’m 89 years old and have no aches and no medications. My goal is to coax people into taking care of their health and happiness. My website is