Food preservatives and our health

Why I avoid processed foods.

Too many preservatives added to my food.

I am not a doctor but over the last 80+years I’ve seen more and more food preservatives added to our processed foods. Also I noticed a lot of our people getting serious health problems like Colon cancer and leaky gut.

To reduce the risk of cancer and promote overall health, I avoid processed red meats like bacon, ham, lunch meats, sausages, and their kinfolk; this includes turkey loaf and whatever else comes camouflaged as healthy meat (or meat substitutes), and are proclaimed to be healthy choices for our diets.

  • Many chemicals must be added to the commercial foods in today’s market to enhance their marketability and extend their shelf life. 
  • I find it hard to buy food that has not been “preserved” with poisons that kill my precious microbiome.
  • I have, an estimated, 100 trillion friendly bacteria in my gut (too many for me to count), . They process (digest) my food and tell my brain all about the food that I recently ate. Medical science is just learning about these wonderful little guys,and why we shouldn’t harm them.
  • This is a special problem in our restaurants where we have no idea of what has happened to make that food so delicious and enticing. That is the main reason that I haven’t eaten in a restaurant in several years. Pity the poor traveler who simply must eat or go hungry.

Too Many chemicals are added to our foods

About 60 years ago bread on the store shelf got moldy after a day or two. Then Preservatives were added and it will last an extended shelf life without getting moldy. The same thing happened to processed meats like lunch meat and bacon. Because of that I could no longer find food behind the stores for my pigs and chickens; it stayed on the store shelf

The food preservatives damage my digestive processes.

These bacteria killers are hard to avoid. I have a hard time finding even a can of beans that have not been dosed with these shelf-life extenders that may be hidden under exotic chemical names.

This is a special problem for travelers and truck drivers.

This is a special problem for travelers and truck drivers.

Travelers have no way of knowing what is in their food or what kind of cheap oils were used in the preparation of the delicious dish that is plopped in front of them. When I scan that menu I try to find the items that might cause me the least digestive problems. And I hope for the least damage to my  poor gut buddies who must try to digest this “food?”

These are the reasons why I am 88-years old and have no health issues and no medications.

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