Healthy Teeth And Teeth Cleaning

Healthy Teeth And Teeth Cleaning

Get healthy teeth with proper teeth cleaning and healthy living habits.

Healthy Teeth and Teeth Cleaning

Basic Teeth Cleaner

My teeth turn yellow

From the food I eat

And the stuff I drink

And the cigarettes too


A handy teeth cleaner I learned

Many years ago

In my days of youth

From a U.S. Navy dentist


He said, to basics go back

As the people of the humble abodes

Use baking soda

Add some table salt


A half cup of bicarbonate of soda

And a table-spoon of salt

Good sea-salt is best

And is healthy too


Dip in the brush

Or your finger

And clean those teeth

Also, the tongue

Also, the gums too

Please do


This stuff works

With removable teeth too

Does a nice job

Clean them and put them back in


The Iodine in sea-salt

Will make the thyroid happy

As it enters through the tongue

Trace elements

The body needs

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