My Quest for nutrients

My mind and body’s needs for these mysterious elements

We deficient are probably deficient in nutrients.

The International Mineralogical Association recognizes more than 6050 minerals. No one knows how many are needed by our brains and bodies; we do know that iron, iodine, magnesium, potassium and calcium are needed. Trace amounts and combinations of countless other minerals are required to help us stay healthy.

Where do we find these wonderful nutrients?

They are right in front of us and they are not expensive. We need to pay attention to the basic food in our local markets. I try to avoid produce grown in the deserts, and those grown in greenhouses and horticulture; they don’t have a chance of obtaining the range of nutrients that is available in good soil and sunshine. But they are probably much better than some of the stuff from out of our country.

And keep eating that garlic.

Search for basic food items that you recognize that have not had their nutrients removed. Certain foods like red onions, yellow onions and cabbage are always a good choice and are available year around. You will need to invest some of your time and energy in the preparation of these foods. Watermelons are great powerhouse of nutrients that are also available in all seasons—and the cost is-per-serving. Now for one more exotic item,I buy juniper berries on line that are very cheap per serving. They are a traditional food item of the American Southwest that might have a lot of minerals I want in my diet.

Now for selecting animal products

We don’t need to spend money on expensive steak cuts of meat. Plain ground beef (hamburger) is as nutritious as is steak. Chuck roast is my favorite and my wife of 65-years who is almost a genius, says it has better favor.

Save your money and eat well.

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