Essential Nutrients for healthy bodies

Be nice to yourself.

Plain Groundwater Should Supply Many Basic Minerals Plain water from wells and springs can be a blessing to our bodies. Groundwater can supply us with a variety of Minerals and other nutrients. The Contribution of Drinking Water to Mineral Nutrition

Why I should constantly tweak my diet

Healthy living with essential nutrients builds strong bodies

Finding The Right Food For Me In my quest for health and happiness For over ¾ of a century I have studied an array of nutrient experts, and their advice on what, when, why and how to eat). As a

Everyone Who Wears Eye glasses should Have computer Glasses?

Computer eyestrain can be avoided

Why We Need Computer Glasses I  see many people with their heads craned forward as they  work to accomplish their daily task at the computer. Our heads want to be balanced gently on the Atlas joint. A bunch of head

Face Muscle Exercises

You can have the face you want.

Get rid of that baby face.

Five minutes of daily exercises can reshape your face.

Health Benefits of Molasses

Blackstrap molasses helps prevent muscle cramps Blackstrap molasses is a treasure of minerals We have a problem getting enough minerals and trace elements into our diets. Athletes try to solve the problem with supplements of various types and sports drinks.

Why we need Iodine in our diets

The Christian religion promotes the eating of fish on Friday

My sense of smell

My olfactory sings silent songs to my brain Your first and last breath of life comes past me; and I never forget. I sit silently above your mouth at the base of your ancient brain, known as your serpent brain,

My diet drives my health

I’m Responsible for a Healthy Diet. As an adult I control what I eat. I can’t blame: the food industry, the restaurants, nor my heritage. I am not so stupid that I can’t figure out what is the best for