Energy is the drive behind all that we do. We must have it to keep moving. How do we get it? It comes from our food, drink, lifestyle and more. If we push too hard we lose energy and must stop to refuel and regenerate more.


To enjoy life and pursue happiness

You must have energy, plain raw energy

The more you expend, the more you generate

Each thing in this world begets its kind


The main enemy is over-indulgence

This includes food, drink and work

The result can be lethargy and complacency

And physical tiredness and exhaustion


Working the muscles makes them stronger

Working the mind to become smarter

Fine tuning the violin for excellence in music

Or linguistic exercises for a good voice


All this effort needs energy from your core

A healthy lifestyle is the place to begin

By eating the right foods and good water to drink

Watch out for bad habits, don’t let them in


We build strength and stamina

By hard living and undergoing rugged challenge


If you would destroy a body, let it lounge around

Work a strong horse to make it stronger

Work a powerful mind and body to the max

They all love to be put to extreme task


The scientist say, a body in motion tends to stay in motion

A body at rest wants to stay at rest

Get off your backside and make the start

Keep yourself healthy by moving around


The pay-back will be

A healthy body

And a strong mind

Each thing begets its own kind

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