The Man’s Food

The Man's Food

The man’s food is supposed to be the prime way to eat today. I choose to say no to “The Man’s Food” that they encourage every man to eat these days. I find I become healthier and stronger by eating basic foods and drinking good old water. To see the difference we need only to look at the physical changes between people today and our ancestors. They endured so much and stayed strong and hearty.

The Man’s Food

What did your lean, limber ancestors eat

That gave them strength and stamina

Mothers so strong they hardly needed a horse

To pull the plow and till the land


Bones like steel, they stood tall and strong

Avoid processed food

Basic food for strength and vitality

With heart and muscles hard like a range bull

And they made the steel

Dug the coal and drilled for the oil

And fought the wars


I see by your round faces and hefty bodies

Muscles marbled with fat like a well fed steer

That you eat The Man’s food

And your children eat this processed stuff

In the nice school lunch program

Strong trees and strong people grow from rich soil.

For strength and stamina eat basic foods.


The corporate food chemists do a fine job

It’s flavored, colored, and sweetened

Enticing the diner to eat more and more


They wash it down with fat producing milk

While you say how wonderful it tastes

And the nice government says

Drink it brother, drink it down—it’s free


They ate the fish and the fowl and the rabbit

They ate the greens and cabbages and beans

And they grew strong and they smiled

Also, they were proud—as they peered around


They asked no man for a handout

And liked what they saw

They didn’t eat The Man’s food


No! You can say

Like my great grandfather did

I’ll seek out the basic food

I’ll wash it down with good plain water

As I think about my strength and stamina

I’ll teach my offspring to not dawdle

Animal fat is needed for vitality

Good bacon will provide fat for energy

Cabbages are kings

I’ll re-learn to like them

They built strong bodies

And I’ll stand proud

Like my ancestors


I’ll not eat The Man’s processed food

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