Not Going Anyplace

Not Going Anyplace

I am not going anyplace. This is my own declaration. I know the time will come for me to go. However, I will not go down without a fight.

Not Going Anyplace

I’m not going anyplace, when it comes my time to go

They can take someone else, you see

I really like it here on this third rock from the sun

Right here on the good old terra firma where I can run


I can think of a lot of people who should go instead of me

I would even help them along and nudge them toward the trip

These bad apples that don’t benefit—man or beast, could go

Might be a good idea too,—send them along to a better world


Why some people volunteer to leave this earth, I do not know

They must realize what a long time there is to be dead

Also, they might not like it once they get to where they are going

And it will be too late to return—it’s a one way trip, you see


Also, if I did go, it would not be peacefully, I do declare—yes-sir-e-e

I’d be kicking and screaming all the way—to hell—and back

And what little I have here on earth I’d take along on that trip

That’s right; I’d pack it up and be the first ever to “take it with me”


My government has already taken more than their “fair-share”

And spent it to get votes and pay off some lazy scums

And spent it on junkets to faraway places

For them and their concu-bums, he-he-he


So, when it is my turn to go I will say “No”.

Take someone else and leave me be

I have much yet to do, here on old mother earth

Don’t call me, I will call thee

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