My daddy

My Daddy

My Daddy was a great man. I admired him very much. He was a hard worker and lived a healthy life. He taught many lessons of good health and well being.

My Daddy

My daddy was a freight handler

Like a Coolie he labored

With a hand-truck he marched

The heavy load he toted


Many years in the coal mines

When coal was dug

With a pick

And loaded

With a shovel


Ten hour days in hard shoes

Never a foot problem

Ankles of steel

And his knees never complained


Born in nineteen and two

Died an old man

A life of hard labor

His joints never pained


He ate unprocessed food

The beef and pork too

And the gristle and fat

Didn’t go to waste


No clogged arteries

No weight problems

He boiled the chicken

And drank the broth


Cabbages, potatoes and turnips

Tomatoes, radishes and beans

Pumpkins, garlic and rhubarb

Spinach, onions and greens


Daddy said

Good food is what I need

Fish for the brain

Meat for energy

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