My Pituitary Gland

My Pituitary Gland

Though only the size of a pea, the pituitary gland sometimes gets called the master gland. It’s responsible for managing the endocrine glands. Good health habits help the pituitary gland do its job to the best of its ability.

My Pituitary Gland

My pituitary gland sits behind my eyes

And utters not a word

But looks out upon my world

And watches the seasons come and go


It navigates my journey

From birth to death

And talks with my brain

Of things it needs to know


And tells night from day

Sets my circadian rhythm

When to eat and when to sleep

When to work and play


I confuse this guardian

By not keeping good habits

Of sleep and diet

Hey! What’s going on?

He wonders


With lights at night

No sunshine by day

And no dusk or dawn

No sun, no moon, no stars


I ask of you

Give me light

Nice and bright

So that I might

Know day from night


And I wonder why

My life goes astray

A sleeping pill

And an alarm clock

A grouchy day

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