Cranberries are a Healthy Medicine

Cranberries are a Healthy Medicine

Cranberries are a natural healthy medicine and they contain a powerhouse of vitamins. Cranberries are very affordable. The Indians often called cranberries the “Bitter Fruit.” However, I believe they deserve a better reputation. You can get them fresh, frozen or canned.

Interesting Facts You Should Know About Cranberries

  • They are low in calories which makes them a healthy snack alternative.
  • They also lend an interesting flavor to many dishes.
  • Cranberries improve immune function and may prevent certain types of cancer this includes breast cancer.
  • Fight urinary infections with a hearty dose of vitamins and minerals.
  • Fight infections because they are loaded with polyphenols.
  • You should eat about a dozen berries at least several times each week.
  • Has a tartness that replaces vinegarĀ or lemon when adding flavor to salads.
  • Toss a few into your salad dish or chop them up and eat them fresh.
  • Add a sweet flavor to more salty sides like stuffing.

These healthy little fruits are economical and available year-round. They also freeze well and can also be kept for a bit in the refrigerator. Make some cranberry sauce for a sweet treat. However, you need to avoid commercial cranberry drinks. They don’t have much value and are usually more like flavored sugar water. Blend your own cranberry juice, or just eat the interesting tasting berries.

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