Atlas Vertebrae More Information

Atlas Vertebrae More Information

There is much to say about the Atlas Vertebrae, and how important it is to keep it healthy. We are building a society of people with turtle necks and dowager’s humps.
atlas vertebrae

Our skull is perched precariously on top of the Atlas Vertebrae.
In addition, the delicate Atlas Vertebrae is the top vertebrae of the spinal column. Also, the skull uses a bunch of neck ligaments and muscles to hold it in place. Also, this is where we find the attachment points for theĀ upper cervical spine connecting to the skull.

Your Atlas Vertebrae health depends on good head posture.

Use proper posture. The skull, when properly balanced, needs very little effort by the big muscles to remain looking toward the horizon. This requires no thought from your conscious mind. All the work is done by the myofascial muscles (the slippery strands of muscle within the big muscles) over which you have no control. However, your big muscles take over if you fall asleep and your chin falls to your chest.

Look and work with your head lifted toward the horizon.

Looking toward the horizon is the natural position for our head and body, and so that is the position that we should strive for.
The neck is not just a pedestal for the head; our food, water, air; blood, spinal cord and balance system depend on a healthy neck. We need a clear, open pathway for these travelers.

Our work and our play stations are causing unhealthy head positions.

Check your head position when you are about your assigned tasks. Keep a mirror close. Check your head. Hold your head perched proudly upright, and your chin slightly tucked in. Don’t let your neck be tense. Finally, relax your eyes.

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