American Indians Returning To Basic Foods

American Indians Returning To Basic Foods

I see American Indians returning to basic foods.

American Indians are abandoning the White Man’s Food. There is a basic move taking place in the tribes: nationwide the natives are returning to food that built the strong, rugged people who were so hard to subdue. They refused to become slaves—they would rather die first—and millions of them did.  Also, they fought the European onslaught for 500 years—until they were totally exhausted—or dead. They were forced into reservations and fed the white man’s food until now they suffer from the white man’s diseases.1

American Indians Returning To Basic Foods Becomes Trend

Now it looks like the trend is catching on in the tribes nationwide to return to raw foods.

The African-Americans might take notice. I think the Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese and other folks are suffering the same fate.

Oh, Yea! The whites are also suffering the same fate, but I don’t expect them to admit to the problem. They are apt to blame someone else—and they will go to the Pill-peddler and demand medication.

Going back to basics is vital to our health. Raw foods and whole foods grown in good soil are best.

1 Youngstown Vindicator, 9/16/14, P. C1

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