Free-Range Chicken Eggs Are Over-rated

Free-range chicken eggs are over-rated

Free-range Chicken Eggs are Over-rated. Most eggs are still just fine to eat.

Free-Range Chicken Eggs? We are not back on the farm.

Everyone wants the best possible food for our table. However, we also recognize that the good old days of raising our own quality food are past—for most of us.

We need about 208 million eggs each day to feed the U.S.A. That takes a lot of chickens. The poultry industry does a wonderful job of supplying chickens and eggs for our table.1

Here in the hinterlands of Ohio I do manage to get some free-range chicken eggs, a local farmer provides them—except when the foxes, raccoons and chicken hawks get the cluckers. I treasure and enjoy these free-range chicken eggs and I don’t let my wife into my hoard that resides in my own refrigerator. After 54 years she understands me and my eggs. I realize that most of the world isn’t so lucky. When I am on the road I eat what is available.

Raising free range chickens is a challenge.

Raising free range chickens sounds nice, but that is nearly impossible to accomplish. The price of eggs and meat would be terrible high and many families would go without this important product. Who would Sheppard thee birds, and who would gather that many eggs, and who would clean and ascertain their freshness. Free-range eggs have a penchant for hiding and going bad. The chicken hawks like chickens—as do the foxes, dogs, cats and host of other predators. People like me have been known to steal a chicken now and then.

Quality eggs are available in our local supermarkets.

If you want a better quality egg, Wall-mart sells an upscale egg that is not too expensive and comes close to the quality of free-range.

Egg-Land’s Best2 eggs have been carefully engineered to increase the nutritional value. The chickens are given an all-vegetarian diet. These eggs have increased the nutrition by increasing Vitamins E, B12, D, B2, Omega 3, B5 and Lutein, and lowering the cholesterol and saturated fat. These are probably among the best eggs available and they are price just a little above the average price of the common eggs.



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