Role Model

Role Model

A role model plays an important part in today’s world. As a matter of fact, role models can change someone’s life even sometimes when they don’t know it.

You Can Be A Role Model

You don’t need to be a giant among men

To be a hero in life

Furthermore, you don’t even need to be average

In size

Or have a lot of brains


Be a net-giver in the everyday world

Also, stay out of the spotlight

Don’t thirst for fame and glory

Just help others along the way


Don’t begrudge others their success

Or trample on their pride

Push, pull and cajole them to succeed

You too will progress this day


Your work will shine from the darkness

Additionally, natural talent will lay hidden

In the glare of the bright lights

The more you stare, the less you see


Steady pressure and an even keel

Will carry your ship on the journey

Trim the sails and run with the storm

And don’t be caught broadside


When all is said and done

And you have given

A little more than was expected

The world will recognize


A hero was walking there

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