Diarrhea And How To Avoid It

Diarrhea And How To Avoid It

Understanding diarrhea and learning how to avoid it helps you live more comfortably. Diarrhea can be quite an unpleasant experience.

Diarrhea and its Causes

Bacteria in our intestines digest our food

Without them everything goes straight through

And hurries out the back end

Like a freight train through a tunnel


Antibiotics kill them by them by the millions

Can’t discriminate between the good and bad

Wonderful laxatives when you don’t need them

The doctor says “I’ll write a prescription

I know how to stop that”


Modern food is flavored, seasoned, and colored

Sweetened with Splenda

These may cause loose bowels

But they pass the taste test


Our food is preserved to enhance the shelf life

We kill the unwanted bacteria

But it doesn’t cease the killing

After the food passes the stomach


The condiments in the refrigerator

May stay for months and still be pretty

Because they are embalmed you see

And await your pleasure


We get diarrhea and don’t know why

And we go back the next day

Also, we eat more of the same

And wander about the nature

Of the loose bowels


Our bacon, lunch meat and ham

Are cured and preserved

And have a long shelf life

With no regard to the friendly little guys

Who digest our food


Anti-bacterial soaps and deodorants

Pass through the skin

And enter our blood stream

To do an unwanted job


Stay away from spoiled food

Wash your produce

Keep things clean

And say a prayer to

The god of food


The immune system shudders

And peeks out

From under the armpits

With no place to hide

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