Healthy Sun Tanning

Healthy Sun Tanning

Sun Tanning is healthy. Also, sun tanning relaxes you as well. It helps build vitamin D in your body.

Vitamin D is important to our health. However, skin cancer is a concern. Too much sun can cause skin cancer and too little can cause other cancers.

Never let yourself get a bad sunburn. However, sunscreen lotions also may be unhealthy. Use something more natural like olive oil or coconut oil.

Sun Tanning

Basking in the Sun

Many learned doctors do agree

The sun on my skin is healthy

And synthesizes the vitamin D

A good tan on my body

I love to see


As I lie in the sun

A throwback to the ancient past

My primitive brain relaxes

My modern brain does too


I slather on some olive oil

And bask in the sun for a while

Careful not to overdo the first few

The exposure time must be short


The intensity of the rays

And who I am

And where I be

Don’t want to burn

You see


Must not wash off

The natural body protection

Must tolerate the smell

For a few days

While the skin browns


If I burn like some do

The penalty could be

Cancerous and death

Must be careful

And not turn red


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