Dry eye Problems and Exercises

Dry eye Problems and Exercises

This post covers dry eye problems and exercises that help.

dry eyesWe refer to “Dry EYE” and think of our tear glands not working properly. However, the problem is really disuse “atrophy.”

This problem begins with our modern workload.

We spend an awful lot of time with our eyes locked into one position.

Truckers & Computer Workers Dry Eye Problems

Truck Drivers and computer workers have the same problem. Many truck drivers wear plain glasses to keep the heater, air conditioner and defroster from drying out their eyes.

Our eyes need to blink every few seconds to wipe the tear glands liquid across our eyes. The tear glands depend on our eyeballs movements to carry their fluid around the eyeball—especially to the exposed area that is subject to the drying effects of air movement.

We forget to blink as we look at the highway or computer screen.

When we are reading a book we are likely to blink as we turn pages.

Some of us also get dehydrated because we don’t stop often enough to take a swig of plain old water.

Truck drivers—I know because I was one—avoid drinking throughout the day because the boss said “Keep that driver’s door closed and keep on trucking—and keep it between the white lines.”

Sip water throughout the day

My assumption is that if a non-physical- laboring person needs to drink four ounces of water each hour. That is really only a good “gulp” each hour. That will supply two quarts each day and will make the body happy. Your body will adjust bathroom needs without your periodic splurging. You can still get some “recreational liquids” hours before bed time, thus avoiding the wee hour—no pun intended—sleep interruption.

Dry eye exercises take about two or three minutes.

These can be done several times a day and can be done in bed, between commercial breaks potty breaks or at any convenient time, like waiting on a waitress—you guys just do your exercise and let the poor girl do her job.

Now here is how to exercise your eyes.

Close your eyes tightly and then let them fall back open. You may want to also rotate the eyeball while it is closed. That is all there is to it. Costs nothing and if you do it 100 times it will take about two minutes.

You can get aggressive and wrench your whole face into a funny looking pickle. This will help keep your face massaged and avoid having a wrinkled face that looks like one of those old time road maps that the gas stations gave away.

Your head has scads of other muscles that will enjoy having some of the exercises that that contorted facial muscles will put forth.

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