Berries For Health

Berries For Health

Juicy berries are usually bright colors. Furthermore, they do not have a pit in them. Also, berries come in different sizes and colors. Berries are an essential part of the diet for health and wellness. It doesn’t take a lot just enough to get the nutrients that your body needs. Strawberries provide vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants and more. In addition, raspberries give you manganese and other minerals. Don’t forget blueberries with potassium and folate. Also, blueberries fight cholesterol for heart health. Additionally, blueberries provide a great resource of vitamin K.

Essential Berries Family

Eat the berries for health

Raspberries and strawberries are delicious
And they harbor powerful nutrients
Tiny things called trace elements
Vitamins and minerals and more

We are unique in our needs
For trace elements
Horses, dogs, deer and eagles
Don’t have color vision
May not need things like carotene

Our brain is a powerful computer
Certain trace elements are needed
Some are difficult to acquire
And are only needed in small amounts

We don’t need to eat them every day
Our bodies will pool these for later use
As we silently combine or manufacture
An amazing array in minute amounts
To maintain our bodies

It’s not necessary to eat huge portions
Only a small amount occasionally
Not every day
A half dozen or ten will do

The brain takes precedence over all else
When the need is not properly met
Some will be scavenged
From our bones, muscles or elsewhere

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