Feet And Shoes

Feet and Shoes

Feet and Shoes is a little poem I wrote to bring attention to foot health. Listed within this little script are some common ailments that many people face. These include athlete’s foot which is the fungus among us.

feet and shoes need to have a healthy relationship with plenty of breaks away from each other

Healthy Feet

Also, it includes some more painful reminders. Thoughts run about blisters and ingrown toenails too.

Proper shoes help to take care of your feet. Also, I find that it helps to remove these tools of torture sometimes. Let your feet breathe and get grounded to the earth with bare feet.

Feet and Shoes

Feet and Shoes.

Upon you I stand.

I run, walk or die.

Athlete’s foot.

Ingrown toenails.


Fungus among us.

Shoes that punish.

The innocent.

Forgive me.

I neglect.

Until you.


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