Muscle Imbalance Causes Muscle and Joint Pain

Muscle Imbalance Causes Muscle and Joint Pain

Muscle Imbalance Causes Muscle and Joint Pain. Most of our physical problems and handicaps are the results of unbalanced muscles.

Our bones are held together—end to end—by powerful ligaments. These guys have no power to move the bones. They only try to prevent them from scattering across the floor into a silly heap. I go into more detail on strengthening ligaments in my work on Ligaments of Steel.

Our Muscles Move Our BonesMuscle Imbalance Causes Muscle and Joint Pain

Our muscles do the job of moving the bones. With the help of our powerful subconscious software package they move the bones to where we want them. That is how we do our job and keep muscle imbalance at bay.

By the same token, my head would not stay balanced upon the little Atlas and condyle bones on top of the spinal column and under the bottom of the skull if the muscles didn’t hold it from toppling. The slightest change in plane of the head is at once recorded. The information is instantly conveyed via the cerebellar reflexes in the eye muscles. Furthermore, the eyeball rolls to adjust to the new vision. Meanwhile, the muscles of the body prepare to rebalance the body to a gravity-neutral position. (1)

Our Muscles Work Like Guy-Lines On Utility Poles To Prevent Muscle Imbalance

This all begins at the top of the skull. The powerful muscle-tendon cords extend all the way to my toes.
Similarly, the muscles are like powerful guy-lines that pull in many directions to keep high towers from being blown over by the wind. If the guy-lines are not evenly balanced the tower will not stand straight—it may even fall over.

The guy-lines keep the tower in “gravity-neutral”, likewise our muscles keep our bodies balanced. Otherwise we could not remain positioned with our feet toward the earth’s center. The people on the other side of the world would probably truly be upside down. Or they might stagger around like some of our citizens who imbibe a little too much fire-water.

Our Vestibular System Keeps Us Balanced

We depend upon gravity and our inner gyroscope (vestibular system) to give us a proprioceptive sense of balance to permit us to function. Otherwise, we wouldn’t know where we are in relation to the door knob or other people and things.

Our conscious knowledge performs all this work and we need not ever think about it. We do need to understand some of the ways that we cause ourselves problems by overworking some muscles and letting other ones get lazy. This can be a huge problem in today’s world where we do so many repetitive tasks. Also, those tasks overwork some muscles at the expense of other ones.

The Problem Of Mental And Physical Tension

The problem of tension really hits hard on people who have tense jobs. Additionally, people who work hard at building powerful muscles. For example, aerobics instructors, football players, weight lifters, sprinters, long-distance runners and office workers all fight with this problem of muscle imbalance—it never ends.
I address this nightmare of a problem and its ugly ramifications in my work on Bodies of Steel.


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