Lactic Acid and Sore MusclesLactic Acid And Sore Muscles

When we work our muscles hard—like in body building, or other extreme usage, we generate lactic acid to facilitate energy production


What is writing? Writing is a form of telepathy, of course.  It’s amusing when you stop to think about it.


Sinus Infections And Ear InfectionsSinus Infections And Ear Infections

Sinus infections may be caused by lifestyle choices. Sinus Infections and  Ear Infections Air conditioning encourages people to keep doors


Calorie Counting and NutritionismCalorie Counting and Nutritionism

Calorie Counting and Nutritionism are taking on a new meaning in today’s world. Calorie Counting and Nutritionism We don’t think


Gentle Overall Body ExerciseGentle Overall Body Exercise

Gentle Overall Body Exercise and body tonus are important to our daily health. Tonus is the state of our musculoskeletal system when we are relaxed.

Dry Eyes And Dirty EyesDry Eyes And Dirty Eyes

I want to talk to you about dry eyes and dirty eyes. Also, I shall explain how you can remedy