Ligaments Of Steel For A Strong BodyLigaments Of Steel For A Strong Body

Ligaments of Steel If you want a strong body you must have strong ligaments. Ligaments are the powerful elastic bands that tie the ends of your bones together.

American Indians Returning To Basic FoodsAmerican Indians Returning To Basic Foods

I see American Indians returning to basic foods. American Indians are abandoning the White Man’s Food. There is a basic


Neck Ligaments Of SteelNeck Ligaments Of Steel

Our neck is not just a pedestal for holding the head. Blood, nerves, food, air and the powerful brain all depend on us having a healthy neck.

Finding Your Career PathFinding Your Career Path — Strengths, Weaknesses and Talents

Finding Your Career Path—Strengths, Weaknesses and Talents, can be fun and vastly rewarding. You can soar to grand heights or you can grovel in the lower mess of yesterday.

Gravity Neutral PostureGravity Neutral Posture

Head erect, and chin slightly tucked in. Shoulders must be relaxed. Pelvis will be allowed to tilt a little forward; this pulls in the gut in and lets the knees adjust forward a little so they are not locked. Arms will be hanging loosely. A gravity neutral posture is a happy posture.

Ankles of Steel Easy ExercisesAnkles of Steel Easy Exercises

You can have Ankles of Steel. We really should pay more attention to our ankles—before and after injuries. We really should pay more attention to our ankles—before and after injuries. Let’s explore some simple exercises that can we can do during our busy day. We need to pay attention to nutrition and the rest of our lifestyle too, but first we will explore ankle strengthening.