Ear Massaging for Relaxation and Health

Ear Massaging for Relaxation and Health

Why do Ear Massaging for Relaxation and Health? It fights tension and stimulates the lymph glands.

We can reduce tension and help our bodies survive the daily onslaught from outside enemies with a simple and almost effortless ear massage. Furthermore, this can be done almost any time and does not require a lot of time or effort.

Nothing new here—the Chinese have practiced this long before Shep was a pup. First, place one palm on each ear and move them gently in circles. Then, move the palms the opposite direction on the ears. Of course, be careful with the ear-rings and hearing aids.

How Ear Massaging Works

If you are having sensitivity problems just use your finger tips and gently—very gently—massage in and around the ears. This is an important area for Lymph glands. Likewise, many signals travel from the brain to the body—and back in this system.

Go easy—if you like add some of your favorite lotion. Similarly, I like to put a little coconut oil on my palms. The coconut oil absorbs well and will not leave an oily skin.

Do this exercise anytime you are stressed.

Do you feel good about this? Are you in a place where you are not intimidated? Roll your head gently in all directions. Really get into it. In today’s world we do not get enough movement of the head, neck and eyes.

As the weeks and months go flashing by, you can get more vigorous with all these exercises and even invent some of your own.

Don’t Stress About It

I am not practicing medicine; I am only trying to get people to help keep themselves healthy. Please don’t do something stupid and then blame me.

You really should avoid letting problems get to you, but when life does get through your firewall you can do some things to help relieve this stress of everyday life. We all know that we should find ways to avoid stress but we neglect to boot people on the ass who do us emotional harm.

These exercises can help us to undo what others— and we—do to ourselves.

For more detailed information please refer to the following site:

(1)Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine – http://www.hindawi.com/journals/ecam/2013/945063/


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