Clean Your Lungs With A Breathing Technique

Clean Your Lungs With A Breathing Technique

Stoicism comes to your rescue

Clean your air filters every day.

Remember that your lungs are a filter that keeps unwanted stuff out and removes other stuff from your blood and body. They need cleaning just like your furnace does

Now that we are back home and facing life again and picking up the pieces, we need to clean out our lungs and throats. This should be an ongoing practice. It costs nothing and only takes a few minutes several times each day. I do these each morning as part of my morning body wake up routine, and can be done as follows:

  1. Take in a modest breath and then let it go.
  2. Take a deeper breath and hold your nose and your mouth shut  as you gently apply modest pressure outward. Remember that you are not trying to blow out your brains. Apply this pleasant pressure for 5 to 10 seconds. Then open your nostrils and expel the air.
  3. Now do the same with in-coming air: Close your nostrils and your mouth, then try to pull air in. Keep a moderate suction for 5 to 10 seconds.
  4. We can practice this at any time and any place.

To be Stoic is to relax and take your future as it comes.

Be calm about the future weeks and months:.

We will have some residue from the big train derailment, but we will need to live with it.

  1. As we clean our homes and our food, we should also pay attention to our minds and bodies. 
  2. No one can do this for us, and we will need to make the best of a sometimes unpleasant environment.
  3. One way is to run around in tight circles and sing, “The sky’s falling in. The sky’s falling in.Run, little chicken, run.” That can relieve a lot of stress, and is more fun than yammering about fate and listening to people on the “News Programs”, as they make money helping us slither around in misery.
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