Burnout and Allostatic Load‬

Our overworked minds and bodies

The word‬‭allostatic‬‭from the ancient Greek‬ ‭word that describes how the‬
long term tasks of working our minds and bodies without enough recovery‬
from the burden of the everyday struggle to keep at these everyday tasks.‬

Give yourself a day of rest each week

The Christian Bible coaxes us to take one day each week for complete‬

relaxation–even our beasts of burden need a day of rest each week. We‬
each need to do the same for our health and happiness.‬

Don’t let this happen to you‬

The burden can build up and take its toll on us and eventually wears us‬
down. In my exuberance to make the world go the way I wanted, I spent‬
many years overworking my body and my mind. It caught up to me and I‬
resorted to alcohol for relief. That was the wrong solution and it was a‬
problem to get rid of. I mention this as a precaution for other hard-driving‬

A simple way to remedy the problem at home.‬

We can practice getting out of our comfort zone and letting our bodies‬

create certain important sounding chemicals that will fix that nasty problem.‬
(I’m not a doctor and I don’t need to try to enumerate the chemicals‬
here–too many and too complicated. And we don’t need to know their‬
names) They boggle my mind.‬
Suffice it to say that hot and cold showers can do the job but it took me a‬

few weeks of home therapy. Yes, we can help our bodies to overcome the‬
problem by taking daily measures to help our bodies recover from this‬

A good health spa can be a blessing to you with this problem.

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