Can Marathon Runners Have Bladder Control Problems 

we need salt for life.

Have a good chiropractor examine you for this problem.

Muscle Control is Not The Same as Muscle Weakness

I’m no longer a distance runner but looking back I remember looking for the nearest tree along the route.

What took years to develop cannot be fixed overnight.

This problem might originate with a pinched nerve near the bottom of your spinal column just above your sacroiliac; this is where the important nerves that come from the brain to the bladder control mechanism exit the spinal column.

A good exercise program might be the answer here.

I also suspect muscle imbalances might be distorting the posture and causing spinal column problems. I like to think that the proper exercises might help with this. I’m not qualified to offer advice on this.

The pelvic floor muscle group

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles and ligaments that support the bladder, rectum, uterus, and prostate. The muscles attach to the bonnie pelvic girdle and wrap around the rectum. They help  control bladder and bowel function and allow you to hold on until you are ready to relieve urine or feces. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Overactive Bladder

Men and women both have this problem

Although the problem seems always to be blamed on the prostate, women and men have the same problem. We constantly work to strengthen our core and leg muscles but we neglect our important pelvic floor muscles. 

The pelvic floor area becomes a  problem from years of neglect–even among marathon runners.

I didn’t know it would take several months for this to make a difference.

The Lakecity Physical Therapy Clinic

Rotational movements are easy exercises that can have many benefits.  Unfortunately, it is usually the last one to be done. When we train, we often train in the sagittal and frontal planes and forget about the rotational or transverse plane. 

You may have lost the muscle control patterns that make the motions occur with ease and fluidity.

You can begin by standing in a relaxed position and rotating our pelvic region. Do some gentle figure eight rotations like you are practicing hula hoop movements.

Make your own hula hoop

In fact if you go to the local hardware store and buy 10 to 12 feet of ¾” coiled plastic water pipe you can make your own hula hoop. Coil it back around to itself and connect the ends with a “Barbed” fitting. This black pipe is already coiled for you. The whole project will cost about ten dollars.

This is an incredible tool for building strong core muscles and preventing urinary leakage. This can be a wonderful method of having fun and impressing the young folks.

Lake City Physical Therapy

Old people can build strong core muscles

I am 86 years old and am now practicing with the hula hoop. It is fun and relaxing.

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