Abs of Steel

Abs Of Steel

Learn how you can get abs of steel? It won’t always be easy. However, you can do it.

Abs Of Steel

If you want abs of steel you must work at it—seven days a week.

If you want to see abdominals-of-steel— just look at an ultra-runner or sprinter, or a bicyclist.

Muscle tone is the kingpin to abs-of-steel. Big muscles won’t do it.

Every powerful man wants abs-of-steel.

Abs-of-steel makes a lady beautiful and they make a man impressive.

Five to ten minutes – 4 to 6 times a day – everyday.

Also, these movements can be done anytime and almost anyplace. There’s nothing complicated here.

Pace them out from early in the morning until bed time. You pay a small price for abs-of-steel.

These exercises need done every day—every day—period. Yes Every Day.

As a matter of fact, there’s nothing strenuous here. Also, you get no damaged or torn muscles that need to heal from one day until the next.No sweat and no long drawn-out exercise sessions.

Oblique Muscles

The oblique muscles and an array of other muscles support the torso and permit you to jump, run, sing and dance and have sexual intercourse. Dozens of these core muscles hold your body together so that you can function as a vibrant person.

These cannot all be strengthened and or toned by doing sit-ups or using heavy weights.

Let us begin!

Stand with your feet at a comfortable distance.  To begin, rotate your shoulders as far as you think is right for you. Do it 10 times in each direction. If you have no trouble with this test, do a few more. This is your beginning for abs-of-steel.

As the days go by, work up to 100 times in each direction.

The next step is to place your finger-tips on your head above your ears and do the rotations.

The final step in this program is to work your upper body in big circles. Go as far in all directions as you physically can. You may need to give yourself a few weeks practice before this becomes fun.

As the weeks go by you will recognize that you truly have ABS-OF-STEEL.

I solemnly promise this to you.

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