Building Strong Core Muscles For Health And Beauty


Building strong core muscles is important for your health, and also for looking good too.

Building Strong core muscles for health and beauty

Grace, dignity and charm are part of a beautiful body.
A graceful and statuesque body is a delight to behold.
When doing these gentle exercises think of the ladies of India who carry a load on their head.
While doing these exercises, pretend that your head is suspended from a star. Your whole body is balanced by your equilibrium that resides inside your inner ears. With some help from your eyes they try to keep you aligned with the center of the earth—even when sleeping. To take advantage of this, keep your eyes open and concentrate on your skull.

Use Support

You might want to stand next to a wall or some other means of support when doing these exercises. Building Strong core muscles will make you feel good and enhance stability.

Building Strong core muscles

Building Strong core muscles


  • Stop where you are and think a pleasant thought. Now gently raise one foot off the floor. Raise it as high as you like—be gentle with yourself. Now, if you like, raise your arms above your head. Be at peace with yourself as you enjoy a moment of silence. Do this with the other foot too, if you have time at this particulate moment.
  • Now put your hands down and grab a dish, bucket, book or whatever else that might be close by. Hold this at arm’s length in any direction and relax.
  • Rotate yourself gently back and forth. Start easy and concentrate on your head-bone.
  • These gentle exercises will build strong ligaments in your feet, ankles, knees, spinal column, neck and feet.
  • The strength of your body, including your back, resides in a strong core. These gentle exercises will indeed build a strong core.
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