Seven Year Cycles of Our Lives

This writing is based on the writings of Rudolf Steiner

We Progress From Birth Until Death in Seven Year cycles

An hundred years ago, the distinguished German,Rudolf Steiner, developed a hypothesis explaining the 7-year cycles we go through as we struggle through life.

  • (1)The first seven year cycle is, of course, from birth until we are seven years old. We are at one with our mother. At age seven, we were mature enough to be sent to school.
  • (3) At about 14 years of age, we enter puberty “ early adulthood” and we grow hairs under our arms. The Christian Bible says we are now responsible for our own sins.
  • In the third stage of life, from 14-to 21, we enter adulthood and can fight our country’s wars.
  • As we proceed through our fourth seven year cycle ( 21 to28 years), and enter our fifth cycle of life(28 to 35 years) We grow the frontal lobes of our brains,[this happens at about 29 years of life] and we are finally full grown adult people. We are now ready for the second triad of life (35 to 70 years.)

The Second Triad of Our Lives
Midway through the second triad (usually in our forties) we see that the light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train .We notice that we  need to take better care of our bodies–and our lives.

We can now see how short our lifespan actually is; and it might scare us
Our fourth decade of life may bring many nasty changesWe seem to enter our second childhood and make many changes that are not really the best for us. Our families may be raised and we may want to move on with life.

Much like an impatient horse, we might now “kick over the traces  and disrupt our families and our lives.. (Enough said).

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