Super Salad

Super Salad

This robust super salad will feed an old goat for three or four days without going bad. It is full of vital nutrients and trace elements that nourish my body.

Super Salad

I have explained what green vegetables are
How to clean and decontaminate them
We will now select the ones we want.

Celery, green beans, bell peppers, kale
And broccoli too
Spinach, romaine, green onions, and such
Garlic, beet leaves, parsley sage and asparagus
Sprouts of various types

All things green are on this page

Nutritious trace elements you can find
In kosher dill pickles
Jalapeno peppers are a delight too
Capers are interesting
More of these
Helps keep the salad fresh
And a little lemon juice helps too

Iceberg lettuce is ok
But doesn’t add much in nutrition
Tomatoes are a high sugar fruit
And Root vegetables are left out
Too many starches to boot

Add salt if you desire
Just before eating
And some fresh ground black pepper is nice
Other seasonings can help
Use your imagination

Now that you have these guys apprehended
Find a knife and keep the sharp edge down
Don’t tear or bruise

You need to cut them into eatable pieces
This will depend on how much chewing
You care to do
And how much of a hurry too

If your teeth rebel
Or you do not care to do all that chewing
Use a sharp knife
Or run them through a chopper

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