Seven year cycles of life – Rudolf Steiner

  1. The first cycle is from birth to seven years when the child is at one with the mother.
    The first cycle, birth to ages 7: Gradually the child comes to know itself a separate from its mother and the child it becomes the one that represents the personality of the child.
  2. The second cycle, ages 7 to 14: The child develops the sense of right and wrong and social responsibility.
  3. The third cycle, ages 14 to 21: Wild Emotions, Raging Hormones and Sexuality. He/she spots the opposite sex as an urgent impulse. At this age our animal nature rules our lives.
  4. The fourth cycle, ages 21 to 28: We turn toward responsibility. We emotionally and mentally enter into adulthood. We start to build the foundations of our careers and we gain some control over our emotions and might become more rational. Young men enlist in the military, always believing they will not be among the ones not killed.
  5. The fifth cycle, ages 28 to 35: The body is now in full bloom. The changes are more subtle as the years pass. Like a knight riding a horse, we feel that we are in command.
  6. The sixth cycle, ages 35 to 42: this is the ages of crisis, and the questioning of our strengths and abilities. Women want to remake themselves and men might enter into their second childhood. We may take a more spiritual approach to life.
  7. The seventh cycle, ages 42 to 49: we take all of our life experiences and up to this age and begin to digest them. We new ideas and extract new directions in life. We see the light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train.
  8. The eighth cycle, ages 49 to 56: if you have taken care of your health, and retained your vitality, you can now start to become the person you have always wanted to be. We now blessed with wisdom and understanding of life. Our past is seen as a blessing and we are no longer thrown about by daily events.
  9. The ninth cycle, ages 56 to 63: this is a major turning point in life. Intuitive and spiritual powers emerge into consciousness, and intuition is now your important sense. Now your dream life can be reality.
  10. The tenth cycle, 63 to 70: Rudolf Steiner said that this is a time of blessing and a harvesting of wealth. We may still have considerable energy and vitality. We may have achieved what is important to us. Now is the time to relax and recycle our wealth.
  11. The eleventh cycle, ages 70 to 77: this is the time of reflection. We have met life and dealt with all precious cycles, now we can look to the future with inner strength.
  12. The twelfth cycle, 77 to 84: he twelfth cycle, ages 77 to 84: during the preceding three cycles you have developed a summary of life, and you can now reflect on what you have accomplished. The underworld’s creatures might poke their heads through but the best years are still ahead of us.
  13. I’m now into my fourteenth cycle: 84 to91–and Rudolf Steiner ran out of cycles.
  14. But, I will explain my own fourteenth cycle: I am healthy and see no real reason to run out of cycles yet. Since I still have control of my faculties, I will labor hard to pass my what I have learned on to the future generations.
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