Relaxed Muscles

Relaxed Muscles

We must learn to have Relaxed Muscles. Muscles need to work together and take turns contracting for our body to move and function properly. One set of muscles contract while the next relaxes. If the first set of muscles refuses to relax, then the next set struggles to contract without result.

Relaxed Muscles

Each muscle works by itself
Yet function in smooth conjunction
With hundreds of fellow co-conspirators
To move the body as desired

No muscle can push—each must only pull
And when one is pulling and struggling to contract
It cannot do so if the opposite one forgot to relax
And is still bound up and hasn’t gone slack

One must be relaxing while the opposing one is working
One working and one relaxing, one working, one relaxing
The heart beat goes on this way for half a century
Like a smooth running clock
Tickety, tickety, tock, tickety, tickety, tock

All muscles are bound to a central mechanism
And not one moves alone
If you are to sing, or dance or play a tune
Or swoon by the light of the moon

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