My Diet Must Contain Many Nutrients and Trace elements

Daily water for a healthy body body

My Diet Must Contain Many Nutrients and Trace elements

My Diet Must Contain Minerals Like Gold, Silver, Lead, and Magnesium

My body needs dozens (maybe hundreds) of essential minerals and vitamins. We need Gold, Silver, Sodium “yes, salt”—at least 13 of these essential minerals. My body has about 100-triiion cells—each one is a little battery that runs on salt and water; much like my car battery. Our modern die is not giving us enough of these essential nutrients. Mud contains most of them—but we are too clean in this modern world.

WE Can Get Our Nutrients from Our Food and Water

  • We don’t manufacture Essential Minerals—we get them from our diet.

    Brita filter takes out bad tasts

    A decent water filter that is economic

Ground Water Contains Many of the Minerals We Need in our Diet

Ground water is a solvent and it contains most of the minerals we need to survive.

Don’t drink distilled water—unless you can’t get plain old ground water. When I say Ground water, I mean Spring Water, River Water and Well Water In some areas you might need to filter out some of the tastes and colorings. We have survived for millions of years by drinking from mud-puddles.

Many Kinds of Economic Household Filters are Available

My wife of 58-years uses a simple Brita brand filter that does a decent job. This filter is available at most major stores. One filter lasts several months.

Many Nutrients are Removed During the Processing of Our Food

  • When our food is processed, the Food Chemists have many considerations that might not include our health.
  • The processed food cannot have deviations in color, flavor and texture. One main concern is that it be emulsified so it doesn’t settle out like basic peanut butter does. Sometimes a few nutrients are added back in. Bread is a good example—but the added-back ones might not be recognized by my body.
  • One important concern is SALT. Our government mandated (back in about 1926) that all table salt contain Iodine. That important mandate stopped GOITERS—and did one fine job. Now the food processors use just plain salt—we are once again needing Iodine.

We Can Take Vitamins and Minerals as Supplements—they might help

  • My concern here is, there are too many to find. We have no idea what our body and brain really need for us to survive and procreate.
  • We must be a good shepherd of our minds and bodies.

We Need to Treat Your Mind and Body as We Would a Good Racehorse. Feed it right, water it right and work it hard.

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