Soy Products Are Not a Healthy Food for Men


Soy Products Are Not a Healthy Food for Men

Soy products, Can Cause a Man’s Body to be More Like a Woman

 A man should look like a man. Soy can cause: Erectile dysfunction. enlarged breasts, lost body hair on the arms, chest and legs. In general, the man’s body may be feminizing. This should be enough for any man to investigate his diet. No soy for me!  Soy products are not a healthy food for men.

Why Soy is Used in Processed Food

Soy not for men

Don’t eat the soy

  • Soy is used to emulsify fat—it makes fat and water mix. That is why the high-fat deli meats do not excrete the fat into the surrounding food—foods like bread.
  • You can fry modern Hotdogs, baloney—or any “lunch meat” and no fat comes out. That is because soy products are used to emulsify the fat and water. “Good Grief, Charley Brown.”
  • Your fruits and vegetables that look so shiny and pretty are probably coated with a soy oil. This waxy “junk” is hard to wash off—nearly impossible. When you have a choice, opt for the less pretty ones that are drab and ugly.
  • Soy Products should be minimized in the diet of most people.

Why Women Should Not Eat Soy Products

  • Soy contains phytoestrogens, compounds that can disrupt hormones (endocrine disrupturs).
  • Soy is may be responsible for early puberty. Soy is loaded with xenoestrogens, something that should raise caution for those are concerned about cancer.

Why Men Should Not Consume Soy Products

  • There may be a hidden dark side to soy, one that has the power to undermine everything it means to be male
  • The lean, wiry Vietnam veteran said, “My sexual desire disappeared. My male member won’t stand up. Men aren’t supposed to have breast.” The doctor said “Don’t eat soy products.

If you are a man—live like a man. Eat like a man. Think like a man

You will sacrifice certain wonderful tastes.

Stand on your feet and show the world that you are a man.

Denounce that which takes your manliness.

The future generations need leaders; leaders who do not shun responsibility.

Stand Proud, stand out from the crowd. Be proud and be present.


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