The Skin of My Face Shows My HealthThe Skin of My Face Shows My Health

Dehydration is a recipe for facial skin problems.  Tension and skin problems. Never stress out.

Strength Training for Health and HappinessStrength Training for Health and Happiness

One of my goals is to coax people into looking after their health and happiness; with this on my mind, I went ahead and made a short video. I have read that older people CAN build muscles—even at 81-years of age.

Cataracts are Caused by Air PollutionCataracts are Caused by Air Pollution

Cigarette smoke, dust, air fresheners, and whatever else comes floating through the air, all add to the problem of dirty eyes. Cataracts are Caused by Air Pollution

The Atlas VertebraeThe Atlas Vertebrae

Your total health and happiness depends upon the health of your neck. Without a healthy neck your journey through life will be much more difficult.
Your skull is perched on top of the Atlas Vertebrae and the brain stem extends into this portion of the spinal column. It is also contains the attachment points for the upper cervical spine to the skull.


No one muscle is isolated. An imbalance of muscle strength, or tension, “tonus” will cause other muscles, tendons and ligaments to tighten and tear. In extreme cases this can cause bones to break. Mental and physical problems ride in the same carriage.

Ear Massaging for Relaxation and HealthEar Massaging for Relaxation and Health

We can reduce tension and help our bodies survive the daily onslaught from outside enemies with a simple and almost effortless ear massage. This can be done almost any time and does not require a lot of time or effort.