Jim Mahon

Jim Mahon

Jim Mahon was a good worker and a great man.

Jim Mahon

They came traipsing across the fields

In the spring of life

In the dawn of time

When their world was young


A man named Jim and three friends

Steve, Ron and another

Young hell raisers

Seeking their future


Hard they worked

Laughed and played

Enjoyed their youth

As they ran and coursed


Powerful built, man among men

Set records in throwing the disc

Energy to burn

And he did

But school had no more to offer him


Look out world—here I come


Offspring of WWII folks

Untamed energy running wild

Talent seeking an outlet

Rebel looking for a cause


They worked night and day

And never complained

I took them to a steak house to dine

To show appreciation for labor well done


Like a grizzly bear he ate

Steak in both hands

Bit off big chunks

With his strong teeth

Impressing a young lady

As she shyly watched

From across the way


Raised a family of strong boys

Look out world

Here they come


A better country

He left behind


And he left too soon

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