Neck Maintenance

Neck Maintenance

Neck maintenance is the key to a healthy neck. Furthermore, neck pain and weakness can be avoided with simple neck exercises. It’s easy and anybody can do it.

Neck Maintenance

There are different ways that you can maintain your neck. For example, do stretches and basic movements every day to promote neck health. Try to not over extend ligaments in your neck and improve neck muscle strength.

Maintaining a Healthy Neck

The neck is more than just a pedestal for the head

That holds the eyes, nose, brain and tongue

And the mouth too as, we talk and squawk

More than a trough for food, blood and air to transverse


On the neck there are lymph glands

Whose job is to eliminate waste products

From tonsils and adenoids and more

And to clear the Eustachian tubes that drain the inner ears


The mighty thyroid gland sits astride the voice box

Regulating the bodies chemical functions

Determines energy level, stamina

Fatigue, lethargy and depression

And does a whole lot more


Many of our problems could be eliminated

If we will only take time and do some minor neck care

An unhealthy neck is not only unsightly—but inefficient

Some mild exercises that can be done anytime or anyplace


Roll the head gently around and take a nice breath

Wherever you may be

It only takes a second and doesn’t require much effort

And nothing messy


Imagine a clock on the ceiling above your head

Start with a small clock and enlarge it as you want to get more energetic

Follow the numbers around with the top of your head

Slowly at first and increase speed and size as you progress day by day

Slowly—at first—tilt the head from shoulder to shoulder

All the way back and all the way forward

Go easy at first and get wild as you progress—day by day


The neck tie is no friend of mankind

It chokes off the blood flow

And hampers the messages that go

To and fro


And allegedly adds to Alzheimer’s disease


Your brain and body will thank you


Good read: The Hypothyroid Sourcebood by M. Sara Rosenthal

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