Healthy old Guru’s exercises for healthy joints

Introduction to Natural Exercises For Healthy Joints

Gentle Exercises can prevent joint deterioration

We can Prevent Arthritis and Rheumatism.

Our sedate jobs can cause arthritis.

Exercises (gentle physical movement) can prevent joint problems.

A healthy diet with essential nutrients can also help prevent rheumatoid arthritis.

Our joints are designed to lubricate and nourish themselves if we provide the food and the environment to do so.

Our confining workstations and repetitive-motion jobs are one reason we are prone to an array of joint and muscle problems. We are confined to our workstations in our trucks, offices, police cars, airplane cockpits and even factories. We can’t all go to a gym every day after work, we have families to care for; we even have second jobs.

We Need to Take Responsibility for Our Own Joint Health.

I Am an Old Man Who Knows How the World Works.
I will not show cute little spandex-clad models standing on their heads (Or whatever else), while teaching us mature people how to look like them. We are talking about serious issues here, ie, helping us stay healthy and out of a wheelchair

Every One of Our Joints Needs Natural Movement to Keep it functioning as it Was Designed To.

These joints don’t wear out; they literally rust out. Each joint is self-lubricating and self nourishing. Each joint is encapsulated in its own little world for protection, nurishment and maintenance.

Our Joints Will Repair Themselves

When a joint is injured the surrounding capsule swells and locks the joint in place to force it to rest while it heals. This prevents movement and tells us to “lay off of using it” while the repair is taking place.” The little sacks of lubricant and nourishment (Bursa) that are present in every joint will now nourish the joint while it is being repaired, and the  problem will go away with a little time, and some gentle help from the owner.

Kyle Exercises 

This may be the world’s most boring exercise program. It costs nothing and is certainly not glamorous. If you spent years working on the job, and haven’t given much thought to your own physical needs, you deserve, now, to carve out an hour each day to quietly pay attention to your own personal needs.

You Must Work at Having Healthy Joints

You too, can be 86 years old and have no aches or pains. Just be gentle with yourself and remember that you must spend the rest of your life doing some daily maintenance on your beloved body.

Good luck to you–and happy joints and ligaments to you

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