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Merry Mary My Misty MaidenMerry Mary My Misty Maiden

Merry Mary My Misty Maiden is a fun poem working with a lot of alliteration. Sometimes you just need a little fun to keep life light and easy. I hope you enjoy it.

Self RespectSelf Respect

You cannot love and respect others unless you love and respect yourself. You are unique and you are special. You need to realize this and live with self-love.

Healthy Sun TanningHealthy Sun Tanning

Sun Tanning is healthy. Also, sun tanning relaxes you as well. It helps build vitamin D in your body. Vitamin


Barefoot CooliesBarefoot Coolies

Watching the barefooted coolies as they carried their heavy load amazed me. Astounding to say the least. They showed great physical strength and endurance with small reward at the end of the day.

An Awesome FactAn Awesome Fact

An awesome fact is a short poem I wrote. I find even at my age that I don’t know everything.



Where do boulders come from? How were they made? They move when I cannot see. I watch them and never