Widely Varied Diet Promotes Health Energy

Widely Varied Diet Promotes Health Energy

Eating a widely varied diet is important for optimal health. Our ancestors ate what they could find, where and when they found it. Apparently, they ate a healthy diet that caused the brain and body to prosper. They ate bugs, snails, rats, and fruit and vegetables–in season. They survived and prospered.

A Varied Diet Is Full Of Vitamins, Minerals And More

The human body learned to store enzymes in the liver, calcium in the bones and fat under the skin. We need vitamins, fats, proteins and minerals in our diet; this includes things like tin, iron, aluminum, lead, copper, mercury, sodium and calcium. Our best chance for obtaining these is a diverse diet.

Varied Diet Should Include Green Vegetables Like Okra

Three Balanced Meals Each Day is Bogus

Three balanced meals each day was concocted by special interest groups–as was our Federal Food Pyramid; when the National Cattlemen’s Association complained about the first pyramid, the federal boys changed it to include more beef. Feast and famine builds strong bodies and keen minds.

Our Restricted Diet is Making us Unhealthy

We have a restricted diet that lacks many of the needed nutrients. The best way to regain our health is put more nutrients to our diet. Nuts, green vegetables, berries–especially cranberries, a dozen, three times a week is all you need, they are sour, but eat them anyway. Begin by adding as many colorful raw foods as you may find.

Don’t Try to Starve Yourself Into Health and Weight loss

Begin by incorporating many strange foods into your daily routine. As time marches along, you will learn to like, and look forward to a forkful of raw sauerkraut or a handful of cranberries. Search the produce section for okra and other strange food that have been there all the time.
A world of pleasant experiences await your search.

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