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Healthy Old Guru

Welcome to Healthy Old Guru. It is my goal to share with you all that I have learned in my life. I believe we control our own health for better living.

Healthy Old Guru Philosophy

At my father’s knee I learned, “Keep a horse healthy if you expect it to work for you”. Your body is your horse. People with a healthy mentality won’t crucify themselves between the regrets of yesterday and the fears of tomorrow. Instead, we must learn to celebrate today while we build for tomorrow.

You will begin your future right now and you will renew that commitment each moment of your life – until eternity slaps you down. Whether you like it or not, that’s the way life is. You truly are your own Doctor of first resort in your quest for a healthy lifestyle.

The Surgeon General’s Report on nutrition and health says eight out of ten leading causes of death in the United States are diet related.

Even people in hospitals, nursing homes and wheelchairs, though vulnerable, should not feel completely helpless and totally at the mercy of other people or the system. Every one of us needs to keep a constant vigil toward healthy living.

Healthy Diet

If you eat a healthy diet, enjoy a decent lifestyle and keep your head screwed on right, your weight and general health will trend toward your optimum. No starvation diets, no killer exercises , no unconventional philosophies. Healthy living should be fun, cheap and hassle free.

I, the Healthy Old Guru, have watched six generations of people, and many have suffered from unhealthy lifestyles that shortened their lives.

Plato and Socrates had a conversation 2,000 years ago about who is responsible for people who are unhealthy as a result of their own lifestyle choices. We each need to be part of the solution and not be the problem.

Everything that has ever intruded into your life is now a part of your mental attitude and physical being. No one else has ever experienced your exact combination of life events. With this in mind, you can design a program that you can use as you please.

While others are riding the roller coaster of fad diets and quick fixes, you can be on your own lifelong healthy living program.

Luck and fortune, mysteriously follow some people. Perhaps you can find ways to help luck find you. Don’t let it be said that “I came calling and no one answered.”

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