Watermelon is a Wonderful Health Food

Watermelon is a wonderful health food. It satisfies your sweet tooth while adding nutritional benefit to your body and its needs.

watermelon is a wonderful health food

watermelon is a wonderful health food

We need more watermelon in our diet.

For the hot days of summer watermelon will hydrate our bodies and provide many nutrients, including those precious trace elements that are so elusive in our daily diets.
If you are active in sports, or working out in the sun—eat plenty of this affordable refreshing fruit.
Who would ever think that the watermelon would rank so high on the health food list?

Here are some of the fantastic facts about this juicy fruit:

  • Loaded with many nutrients like lycopene, potassium, vitamins A, B6 and the all important vitamin C.
  • One of the most powerful body-healing foods. Watermelon has benefits that include helping your brain and all the rest of your body.
  • A low fat food that helps your eyes, heart, immune system, kidneys, improves blood flow and helps build strong bones.
  • And amazingly high in vitamin C.

I like to freeze it in one quart plastic bags winter use. Now they are available all winter. I choose this sweet melon as a refreshing snack to stay hydrated and give me a lift to my energy.

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