The Skin of My Face Shows My Health

The Skin of My Face Shows My Health

The skin of my face shows my health. The face of a person reveals things about their health conditions. Let’s talk about clean, healthy skin to show a healthy mind and body.

The Skin of My Face Shows My Health

Hogs get dirty but have nice skin

The Skin of My Face Shows My Health

My blood steam shoves out millions of dead white corpuscles each day. These need to be removed and the skin wants to be gently massaged. The skin is the bodies largest organ and it constantly disposes of “junk” the inner body wants to get rid of.

This Greasy Deposit Protects My Face from the Sun, Frost, Dry Air and Germs

My bare face is exposed to the harsh sun, the freezing wind, and a constant bombardment of germs, toxins, even flea-dust from dogs, and perfume-chemicals from my fellow travelers.

I Need this Protection, But it Needs to be Removed Each Day

The junk my body spits out through my pores protects my face, and helps keep harmful things from entering. This thick “goo” is a greasy by-product of a healthy body. This messy substance is deposited on and around my nose and all over my face. The skin of my face shows my health but it needs maintenance.

Soap and Water Is a Good Face Cleanser

Common soap is all I use each day–morning and evening, to remove the daily deposit–that is on my face. Some, of course, comes from inside, and some come from the environment.

Warm water and a good lathering, with plenty of gentle and harsh massaging. When my face is clean, it feels like rubbing on a clean mirror or my neighbor’s nice polished car.  If I need to help things along; baking soda is good for cleansing the face

Drink Plenty of Water to Help the Body Stay Healthy

Just plain old tap water is all we need. If it is good enough to bathe my wife’s cat in, it is all I need for my ancient hide (I am 82-years old.) I remember reading about a man, two thousand years ago, who washed his hands in a mud puddle.

Drink coconut water too. Do the water dance. This is my version of the water dance. Dehydration is a recipe for facial skin problems.  Tension and skin problems. Never stress out. Love yourself and avoid tension. Your power is not in “Just looking good.”

Coconut Oil to Keep Your Face Wrinkle Free and Healthy

Use coconut oil only, on your face. Coconut oil is a natural antiviral–it works. It helps get rid of the bacteria that infect the damaged pores. Drink lots of plain water, it keeps the pores open. For a healthy skin, “Leave the skin alone.” Let go of unnecessary stresses! Let go of your perceived problems. Eat decent, plain foods.

The Best Way to Keep a Healthy Face

Clean your face daily, drink lots of water (This does not include coffee, tea, pop, juices … the list goes on and on.). Massage with your hands and fingers. Dry the skin and massage coconut oil into the dry skin.

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