Vegetable Medley

Vegetable Medley

This vegetable medley makes a great meal or snack. It keeps well for up to a week. Also, it provides excellent nutrition for an energy lifestyle. Furthermore, the medley provides me with minerals, vitamins and trace elements that my body requires.

Vegetable Medley

A cool meal that will keep
In the refrigerator for a week
Will not spoil in a lunch bucket
That sits in the heat of the day

Lightly cooked, or al dente
You can work all day on these
Eat your fill, no calorie counting needed
Brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale

Green beans, collard greens, snow peas
Whatever is in season or available
Keep the starchy things for another day
Or put them in too
If you like it that way

Cut them small, as you like
To make chewing an easy task
Mix them gently
To let them keep their character
Each has its own flavor
And wants to stand proud

Use condiments with care
A little olive oil is fine
Salt, pepper, horse radish
And Balsamic vinegar,

Sun dried tomatoes
Dried black olives
Capers, onions and garlic
Use your imagination
To delight your taste

Adding Perishables

If you want to add perishables
Like boiled eggs, mushrooms and avocados
Keep them separate
And add these just before eating

I like to throw in some sweets
A fist full of raisins
Small pieces of hard cheese
Even things like firm tofu

A Vegetable Medley for a healthy breakfast





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