Using Food As Medicine For Health

Using Food As Medicine For Health

Learning to use food as medicine for health remains key to better living. Raw fruits and veggies as well as fish and meat are a great resource.

Food As Medicine

Using Food As Medicine For Health

Some people are born lucky. I was lucky to be born. I was a premature baby born at home during the height of the Great Depression. Furthermore, I only weighed three pounds and thirteen ounces. I was carried around on a pillow, and my mother had problems keeping people from sitting on me. Dad said that I hit the floor running and never stopped.

I have never had a major illness and have never been hospitalized. Also, I take no medicine or supplements. I have had some bumps and bruises over the years, but hard work and a daily dose of cod-liver oil has kept my bones strong.

I learned healthy living at my dad’s knee: Cod-liver oil makes strong bones, fish is brain food, green plants are nature’s pharmacy and horse radish is a blood cleanser.

From that fragile beginning I became a healthy person and now I want to give back to a world of people that has always befriended me.

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